Going through a separation or divorce can be a lonely and hard road – but there’s no need to do it alone! The emotions, complexities, and decisions that accompany a break up can leave you overburdened and overwhelmed. That’s why having someone to support and guide you through this transition process can be invaluable. 

Enter the unsung heroes of the divorce world – divorce coaches. Let’s dive in and uncover what divorce, or separation, coaches are all about and how they can help you.

The role of a divorce coach

What does a divorce coach do? Think of a divorce coach as your dedicated companion through this tumultuous ride. They’re not just any guide, they’re your empathetic sounding board, your pillar of strength, and your expert problem-solver. 

Going through a divorce can stir up a whirlwind of emotions, leaving you feeling drained and running on empty. Having someone who can be there for you to listen, empathise, support and advise you, can make a world of difference. Divorce coaches are adept at helping you manage stress, handle your emotions, and find your footing in the chaos. 

For many, leaning on friends and family simply isn’t an option. We might feel we can’t be completely honest, or that we have to hide details, or protect them, ourselves or our ex partner from judgement. In times when confiding in family and friends can mean emotionally overburdening them, having an outside perspective can be especially helpful. A divorce coach is an independent port of call and a buffer between the opinions of family and friends who can, unintentionally, leave you feeling hurt, resentful and not seen. 

Divorce coaches also play a pivotal role in helping you set realistic goals and navigate the tricky terrain of the divorce process. From property division to parenting arrangements, they’re your go-to source for helping you make informed decisions that align with your values and aspirations. They’re like the navigational system that guides you through uncharted waters.

How does a divorce coach work?

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Picture your best friend who’s an excellent listener and gives you the best advice. Well, a divorce coach is that friend, with a sprinkle of expertise. They create a safe space for you to vent, express your emotions, and understand yourself better. The goal? To empower you to make choices that resonate with your emotions and long term vision for your life and relationships. 

When it comes to decision-making, a divorce coach is like your strategic partner. They help you plan your next moves thoughtfully. Those critical decisions that used to keep you up at night? With a divorce coach by your side, they become less daunting. Divorce coaches will typically be able to offer you a tool-kit to assist you with communication challenges and co-parenting guidance – essential strategies for creating smoother interactions with your ex partner and creating a healthier co-parenting dynamic.

What are the benefits of a divorce coach?

Let’s talk about the perks of hiring a divorce coach. Enlisting a divorce coach is like giving yourself access to a toolbox for emotional wellbeing and figuring out how to live life after a separation. The separation process can take a toll on your mental health, but with a coach’s strategies, you’ll be better equipped to handle stress and maintain balance throughout.

Consider a divorce coach your decision-making ally. You know those moments when decisions feel like a shot in the dark? For those moments at 3:00am when you’re hit send on an emotionally charged message and come to later regret it? A divorce coach hands you a flashlight and the ability to avoid that send button.. No more second-guessing or making choices in haste – just a confident path forward.

And here’s the real game-changer: improved communication and negotiation skills. With a divorce coach’s guidance, you’ll find yourself navigating conversations with your ex and legal professionals more effectively. Plus, they’ll help you develop strategies for effective co-parenting.

One of the main benefits of working with a divorce coach can be a reduction in legal expenses and time investment with lawyers. By working with a divorce coach, you’re minimising the chances of unnecessary legal battles, streamlining the process, and conserving both time and money. You could also be saving substantial money in legal fees incurred as a result of calls to your lawyer when anxious and seeking reassurance or in the aftermath of firing off those late night messages. It’s common for clients to lean on lawyers to act as their psychologist, but family law lawyers are simply not qualified to handle these issues, emotions, and anxieties that would be better handled by a divorce coach. 

Hiring a divorce coach

Ready to consider working with a divorce coach? When considering whether to hire a divorce coach, make sure ask them questions to satisfy yourself their support style aligns with what you seek, and that their coaching style and ethos meets with your unique needs. Think about your goals and expectations. Keep in mind that divorce coaches are distinct from therapists and lawyers. They offer emotional support, practical guidance, and a clear strategy tailored to each individual’s separation or divorce experience. For a comprehensive support network, consider collaborating with therapists, lawyers, and divorce coaches. Many will offer an initial meeting or phone call which you can use as an opportunity to interview them to ensure their values, coaching style and manner matches up with your expectations. Remember, you’ll be working together for weeks or months on end, so make sure you’re happy and gel well before you proceed. 

In the realm of divorce, a divorce coach is your ally, your advocate, and your compass. With their expertise in emotional support, strategic planning, and effective communication, they empower you to make well-informed decisions, navigate stress, and chart a course toward the next chapter of your life. Whether it’s understanding your emotions, setting achievable goals, or fostering better communication, a divorce coach is the valuable partner you need during this challenging time.