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No matter your background, sex or relationship status, here you’ll find all the information and support you need in becoming an adoptive parent. AFLAS provides a safe and inclusive space where you can access resources that can guide you through the process.

If you’re looking to start your journey in adoption, you’re in the right place.

In Australia, adoption is handled under state government legislation, not federal. What that means is that each state and territory has its own adoption laws. Meeting the criteria makes the adoption “legal” and it’s necessary to ensure that the children who need families are united with the right parent.

The road to parenthood is different for everyone.

Pursuing adoption is no small feat. The reasons and the structure of your family may vary. But whether you’re single, in a same-sex relationship, are unable to conceive or simply think that adoption is the right choice for your family, we can help.

At AFLAS, we have easy-to-understand resources you can read and download.

Some common reasons for pursuing adoption are:

  • Wanting to start a family
  • Single people that want a child
  • Same-sex couples adoption
  • Unable to conceive
  • Struggles with infertility and potential pregnancy complications
  • Concerns about passing down genetic disorders
  • Helping children find a place to call home

In Australia, international adoption is also possible. Adopting a child is legal, but it depends on each state and territory’s criteria and laws. Each jurisdiction has their own department, as well as NGOs (non-government organisations) commissioned to provide out-of-home care (OoHC) and adoption services.

Each jurisdiction, department and NGO has its own process for selecting, training and assessing prospective parents. While these are similar, they are not the same.

Prospective parents have a few options depending on their state or territory:

  • Local adoption
  • From out-of-home care adoption (OoHC)
  • Intercountry adoption
  • Permanent care
  • Foster care

All this can make navigating the system overwhelming, as it can be difficult to find the required information. Which is why we’re here.

Adoption information:

NT foster and permanent care organisation 

QLD foster and permanent care organisation 

SA foster and permanent care organisation 

TAS foster and permanent care organisation 

VIC foster and permanent care organisation 

WA foster and permanent care organisation 

Whether or not adoption is what you are looking for or your situation, we can help support and guide your family through the challenges of adoption, parenting and relationships.

Supporting you in your family unit journey

The safety and wellbeing of children comes first. At AFLAS, we’ll support and guide you so you can be assured you are going about adoption the right way.

Our platform will give you access to comprehensive resources, so you can make informed decisions regardless of your background or family structure. Check out our resources that can help you with the right advice.


What are the options for adopting a child in Australia?

In Australia you can adopt a child both domestically and internationally. Each state and territory has its own legal jurisdiction. Your options are:

  • Local adoption
  • From out-of-home care adoption (OoHC)
  • Intercountry adoption
  • Permanent care
  • Foster care
What does an open adoption mean?

Australia practises open adoption. This means that the children adopted grow up knowing that they have been adopted and, where possible, are supported to have a relationship with their family or origin and cultural heritage.

What is the difference between adoption and foster care?

Foster care is a temporary arrangement where you have the day-to-day care of a child or children, but have no legal authority to make decisions about their care. The child remains under the guardianship of the Chief Executive of the State involved. There is always the possibility or expectation the child/ren will be returned to their family of origin.

Sometimes, foster care can be for days, weeks and sometimes years. In the latter scenario, it may become possible for you to have permanent foster care of the child/ren wherein the State will grant you more decision-making power and sees you acting as the parent (whilst the State meets much of the child-raising costs and pays you to look after the child/ren, remains financially responsible for the child/ren) until they reach the age of transition out of the foster-care system.

Sometimes children land in the foster care system and have no family of origin willing or able to care for them. In these situations, the State can often be open to having potential parents legally adopting the children. Each state provides information sessions about short-term adoption, permanent placement and foster-to-adopt. Using the links above you can book your State’s and location’s next available compulsory information session if you are interested in adopting a child from the foster care system.

Why is adoption so hard in Australia?

Adoption is not necessarily hard, but time-consuming with much waiting. Adoption requires patience.

Pursuing adoption is a beautiful thing, and no two family units are the same. Get access to resources and professional services to ensure you are doing this right. From information about your state or territory’s selection criteria to post-adoption resources and family support, we can help.